Psychotherapy provides an opportunity to reflect on the deeper dimensions of your experience, and to recognize your own unique callings in life. The goal in existential therapy is to experience greater freedom in making the choices that empower you to be the kind of person you most want to be.

Existential freedom is twofold: freedom from the unwarranted fears, anxieties and assorted forms of psychological distress that constrict our life engagements, and at the same time, a freedom to engage in the vital relationships, creative activities, and genuine responsibilities that characterize a meaningful and fulfilling life.

Ingenuity coaching is focused on enhancing your freedom by cultivating the skill of discriminating your experience in terms of the ultimately ethical-spiritual question of your identity, that is, who are you as a person?

I have over thirty years of experience helping people suffering from a wide range of psychological problems. I developed the Ingenious Living model of personal coaching as a step beyond psychotherapy that celebrates "the examined life that is worth living." In my work as both psychotherapist and life coach, I draw upon my knowledge and insights as a university professor teaching existential, narrative, and archetypal approaches in clinical psychology.